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Karin Ann Price

Owner & Founder

Makeup Artist & Esthetician

Karin is a Makeup Artist and Esthetican with over 9 years of experience, with her expertise being natural Makeup and Waxing, and is a Florida Native who currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens. She pursued her dreams of working in Film & Television makeup in Los Angeles from 2015-2020 working with Music Artists, Models, and up and coming directors and actors! All of these experiences helped her perfect her crafts while continuing to grow and learn with lots of new and exciting experiences. During this time of growth she came to realize a bigger dream she had for her home town and future life goals. This was the birth of "The Beauty Sanctuary Co", a place to call your beauty home, your sanctuary! The heart of the company is catering to your beauty needs, while making you feel at home and comfortable, offering the highest quality of products, with clean, thoughtful ingredients you'll feel confident in using on your body head to toe! She's excited to earn your trust and help you feel your most naturally beautiful self!


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