Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to get services?

We have always used the highest quaility and standards of hygiene, and cleaning practices as part of our years of training in the Esthetic's world, but we have both additionally take steps to compelete the "Covid-19 Barbicide" training as well! You can check out our Licenses & Certifications below! Upon arrival we will check your tempature and make sure its under 100 degrees, if not we will have to reschedule to ensure everyone stays healthy. Additionally we will be wearing PPE and masks, and ask you to wear a mask as required by the county at this time for everyones health and safety! For extra cleanliness we purchased a DeleFlu UV Light and Ozone Sterilizer which kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, that we use daily in additional to using medical grade cleansers on all possible surfaces. Since we are a suite within a bulding with other suites, we are able to provide a one-on-one environment that is personal and a safer alternative to a large salon! We are always thinking of your health and safety and look forward to your service!

How long before my appointment should I show up?

It's best to arrive min 5 mins but a 10 min time frame will give us time to get check in settled and on time to start your services!

What do I do when I arrive?

Once you have arrived your 5-10 mins early, shoot us a text to let us know, and we will respond to let you know to head in. We will greet you at the front door and show you the way!

I have questions about services before I come in!

If you have any questions concerning your appointment, or want to ask questions prior to booking, click our chat option and we will answer any questions to your hearts content! Give us just a little time to reply, in case we are with a client!

How long does my hair have to be to wax?

It's generally best to have a "long grain of rice", to start your waxing journey. This ensures that we will be able to get all the hairs up the first time, to start your hair removal process for a good pace for waxing. Your hairs have 3 stages of growth going on at once, and when you first start waxing all your hairs may be on different stages and may pop up faster than expected. Once you've waxed 3-4 times all of your hairs get on the same stage of growth and your hairs start coming in and out at the same time, and you'll go 2-3 weeks with no hair, and week 3 & 4 they come back in & youre ready to wax again!

What are the benefits of waxing?

When you wax an area of the body once a month for 3-4 months and all your hairs get on the same growth cycle, you go 2-3 weeks with no hair at all. Additionally your hair starts to thin out, leaving it much easier to go the 2-3 weeks without feeling like you can't make it to your next wax! Thinner finer hair, great exfoliation for the body and a couple weeks hair free sounds awesome, dont you think?

What if I'm using Retinol, Retin-A, or Accutane & want a wax?

Unfortunately because our skin, the largest organ, absorbs anything you put on your skin into our blood stream, no matter where you use it, we could lift your skin when waxing causing permanent scarring or damage, and are unable to use wax during any facial services. We can offer a Brow Tweezing instead until you stop using the above mentioned medicines. We suggest stopping using these type of products 7-10 days before a wax. Accutane you must wait 6 months to a year, or get approval from your physician.

Can I wax while on my period?

Yes! You absolutely can, just be sure to have a fresh tampon, or menstrual cup insterted for the appointment. It may be a little more sensitive during this time, so you may also take some ibuprofen an hour prior to your service to help a bit!

Whats the difference between a Brazilian & Full Bikini?

The Brazilian wax includes the back side, and the Full Bikini is just the front, but not the back side. Both services you can leave as much or take it all off the front, it's your preference!